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Product ID: Voice Controlled Clock (CW8092)


    Product Description

    Item No.: CW8092
    1, Display time, date, the day of week, temperature.
    2, Clapping the plam lightly around the clock, or tap the desk where putting the clock, or touch any position of the products, the blue back lightwill be turned on, that is convenient to watch the time at night.
    3, 7 different language for week display.
    4, Two different alarm can be set independently with independent button to control, with snooze function.
    5, The sensor function can be turned off.

    Batteries: 2X1.5V(AAA-R03)
    Unit size: 18X4.2X38.9cm
    Packing info: 60 PCS/14.7kgs 47.8x38.6x38.9cm

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